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President's Message

President's Message - Summer 2017

  Dear HFMA Members,

We now live in a world of 24/7 news, celebrity gossip, and an endless news feed delivered right to your phone via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Without even noticing it's easy to spend several minutes or even hours scrolling through posts that we do not even find interesting. I was listening to a podcast recently about the importance of being present and mindful of our time. The podcast guest described his feeling of needing to check the apps and email constantly, and how his relationships and work suffered as he wasn't present even though he was physically there. We've all seen the table full of people sitting in silence at a restaurant because they are all staring at their phones. He later discussed the feeling of relief when these apps were restricted on his phone so he could only spend a predetermined amount of time on them, or could only check them a certain number of times per day. He noted that this caused him to think about when and for how long he wanted to indulge in social media. This ultimately allowed him to use his time for what he found important the rest of the day.

This got me thinking about how this related to the healthcare industry and it dawned on me that we all should move from a volume to value model in our personal lives. Payors are moving to a model where they want to reduce unnecessary tests, days spent in the hospital, and readmissions (i.e. costs) while not sacrificing the quality of care or the outcomes (i.e. value). I think many of us could benefit from a reduction in the time spent on these semi-addictive apps and actively deciding where that time would give us the greatest value, whether it be work, with family or taking time for oneself. With all the changes in our industry we will feel pressure at work to increase our productivity, and that will lead to many asking where they will get the time. By asking ourselves where our time is adding the most value to our lives, I think we will all come up with that answer.

I'll close by asking everyone to think about what is valuable to you and pay for it with your most precious resource, TIME.

All the best for a great, focused year.

Matt Rakay
President, Central Ohio HFMA Chapter