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November 16, 2018
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President's Message

President's Message - Spring 2018

  Dear Members,

It's hard to believe that this is the last President's message of my chapter year with only 10 days until the end of my term. As my term is coming to an end I thought it was a time to reflect on the successes the chapter has had this year.

Our sponsorship committee revamped our sponsorship levels and benefits to make it less complex. James Monroe the committee chair hosted several webinars to explain these changes to recurring and potential sponsors and address any concerns they had with the changes. The hands-on approach was well received by our sponsors, chapter leaders, and ultimately lead to winning a Yerger award for the success of the program.

At this time last year, the chapter leaders were very worried about our membership retention goal that was given to us by national HFMA. Lauree Handlon our membership committee chair was diligent in contacting non-renewing members and letting others on the leadership team know who had not renewed to see if other members had a personal connection with that person to get a better response. This effort showed as we met what we thought would be an insurmountable goal. Further our membership rose from 450 members in May 2017 to 628 in May 2018. Through the help of the membership committee and our board, we were able to find several new members who have been instrumental to the success of our events through the chapter year.

We also had several successes in the events this year. Our spring conference was changed from its normal format to a one-day conference focused on the opioid epidemic in central Ohio. John Ziegler lead the charge on this event and along with the support of his team they found many compelling speakers that attracted a full crowd that rated the event highly on the surveys. This was the 5th year of hosting a Women in Leadership conference and it was our biggest ever. In fact, Lynette Vermillion and her team planned such an attractive event that it drew 182 attendees, which made it, by far, the largest single chapter event the Central Ohio Chapter has ever hosted. We will be holding the first ever conference with all four Ohio chapters on May 23-25, which has been a goal of our chapter for the better part of ten years. Our incoming President, Patti McFeely, has been leading the charge on this event for our chapter along with Mary Laile and several others on the Programming Committee. Providers and sponsors have been talking about this event for nearly a year and based on the registrations this will be the last in the long line of successes this year. I can't talk about the events without discussing our Social Czar, Jeffrey Carranza, who has had another great year of finding us attractive venues for our events, while still making it cost effective.

These successes are what made our chapter 1 of 11 in the country to achieve a 100% on their Chapter Balanced Scorecard this year. I know that without the spectacular effort and drive of the individuals mentioned above we wouldn't have achieved such lofty success. I truly appreciate the contributions to the chapter!

Thank you, all, for a great year!

Matt Rakay
President, Central Ohio HFMA Chapter