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President's Message

President's Message - Winter 2017

Income statement analyses, balance sheet reconciliation reviews, multiplication tables test prep, science project, Valentine's Day cookies... I could go on. Work life has me slammed. Parent life keeps me hopping. Volunteer life? How can I possibly fit one more thing onto my plate?! Well some days I really don't know the answer, other than Because I choose to. I want to. I know it's the right thing to do - for myself and those relying on me. All three facets of my life are very important to me, serve me in different ways, and also allow me to give back in different ways.

The truth is, you figure it out. We all have to find that balance between what others need from us and what makes us happy. I heard someone explain once that it isn't as much a "balance", because all parts don't get the same level of attention all at once. It's more of a work life juggle, or integration. Some moments demand full attention to your family - i.e. a child is ill. Some moments demand full attention to your work - i.e. a deadline is coming that cannot be missed. It's a juggling act because it requires give and take. You can't be everything to everyone in your life all the time. Let me say that again: YOU CAN'T DO EVERYTHING.

The only thing we can all do, is give it our best, in that moment. Nothing more, and we should give nothing less. I say all of this because I'm going to go out on a limb here and contend that I am not the only one who beats myself up for overextending and falling short of accomplishing everything I want. But we must never give up. If the work is something you are passionate about, or at the least something you deem to be important to you and yours, you will find a way. The same is equally true when adding volunteerism to your life. Don't let a hectic schedule hold you back from throwing your hat in the ring. If you want to participate in an organization, do it. Sure, be aware of over-committing and wade into the role slowly, but don't avoid it entirely for Pete's sake. Get out there and be active in what matters to you, fellow members! These are the things on the mind of your current chapter President


Lynette Vermillion
President, Central Ohio HFMA Chapter